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What needs to be done – what is an E-Label for wines?

If you, as a winemaker, wish to sell your wines in the EU, there are several regulations to observe:
Among them, the new EU regulation for the declaration of nutritional values and ingredients, as well as the EU directive for recycling, which is mandatory in Italy and France.

This EU regulation requires that nutritional values and ingredients must be stated on every wine-containing product.
Since there is very little space on a wine label, these data can also be presented via an E-Label.

An E-Label always consists of a QR code and an associated wine landing page on which the desired data (nutritional and ingredient information, legal notice, etc. and if you want, recycling information too) are displayed.

With WineSign.io, you can very easily comply with all EU regulations:


The UNLIMITED Wine Database allows you to create as many wines as you want - all without additional costs.

With the Copy Function, you can create E-Labels for similar wines even faster.

FREE additional user accounts make collaboration with graphic designers and printers easier.

The automatic nutritional calculation saves you a lot of time!

EU compliant regarding EU Regulation 2021/2117.

Allows you to provide EU compliant recycling information (required in Italy, France) (likely mandatory throughout the EU from 2027).

GDPR compliant: No user tracking & configurable imprint.

With the CSV & JSON interface, you can export your data in real-time to webshops, etc.

To keep you future-proof, we continuously adapt WineSign.io to legal changes.

We automatically translate the landing pages for you into all necessary 24 languages.

Pre-selected ingredients for organic wines make it easier for you to create new E-Labels.

The free support answers all your questions.

and many other helpful features that make your work easier...

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Our Customers

Lukas & Johanna Pichler
Lucas Pichler
Winery F.X. Pichler
Clear explanations, simple and quick handling. The only solution that correctly implements the Italian and French recycling regulations. Well done.
Silke Mayr
Silke Mayr
Winery Buchegger
It's evident that WineSign developed the solution in close cooperation with vintners. The processes, such as creating new E-Labels, are logically structured and very user-friendly. Meaning I don't have to study all the laws first to get a correct result. Extremely practical.
Markus & Michael Huber
Markus Huber
Winery Markus Huber
The operation is delightfully simple! We've easily set up an extra account for our graphic agency. Now the cumbersome sending of data via email is eliminated — a real relief. Our graphic designer can download the data she needs directly and conveniently from the application. With the unlimited wine database, there are no surprises with costs.
Marlies Hanke
Marlies Hanke
Winery Müller Grossmann
I am thrilled with the simple operation and intuitive navigation of the platform. It is amazingly easy to find your way around. The explanations of the functions are always exactly where you need them – a well-thought-out solution.

and many other wineries from Italy, France, Spain, USA, Austria, Germany, Chile and Argentina are using our E-Labels.

The idea for Winesign.io,

did not arise in the shower or anywhere else, but as is usual in the Wachau region: over a bottle of wine…

It was Thursday evening, and like every Thursday evening, we were drinking wine – Riesling and Grüner Veltliner 2021 – a great vintage!

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Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry
Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry
General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control
General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
German Winegrowers' Association
German Winegrowers' Association
Federal Winery Inspection
Federal Winery Inspection

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