Community Setup for E-Labels

With the WineSign.io Community Setup, winegrowers' associations or other societies can operate WineSign.io under their own domain name.


QR codes always refer to a specific URL and thus to a certain domain name.
In the event that this domain name no longer exists, the associated landing page with the wine data can no longer be accessed.
This is a major issue especially for printed QR codes that are intended to be valid for a very long time.

The Solution:

The WineSign.io Community Setup is set up for a single winegrowers' association (or similar) and operated under its own domain name.
The software client can also be adapted to their needs: Starting from the color design to the login screen, functions, etc...

Domain Independence:

All QR codes of the members refer to a domain name owned by the winegrowers' association.
Meaning, the winemakers are independent of a foreign domain name.

Hosting Independence:

Automatic daily backups of the landing pages are provided to the winegrowers' association.
Thus, the winegrowers' association can host the landing pages themselves after the cooperation ends.

These two points ensure 100% availability of the landing pages.

Standard Setup:
E-Label Landing Page on WineSign.io
Community Setup:
E-Label Landing Page on Community Domain
Your Advantages:
  • 100% independent
  • Highlighting the individual identity of the winegrowers' association through the shared use of their own domain name
  • The license costs per user account are significantly below the costs for standard licenses

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