The idea for Winesign.io,

did not arise in the shower or anywhere else, but as is usual in the Wachau region: over a bottle of wine…

It was Thursday evening, and like every Thursday evening, we were drinking wine – Riesling and Grüner Veltliner 2021 – a great vintage!

Our good friend Wolfgang, who designs labels for many winemakers of the Vinea Wachau as a trusted graphic designer, was also there as always.
On this evening, he lamented to us about his troubles related to EU Regulation 2021/2117 and E-Labels:
No binding legal interpretation and no practical technical solution on the market.
That sounded interesting enough for us to pay closer attention.
The next day, we called a few winemaker friends – and they confirmed Wolfgang's statements.

Richard, our technical lead, and I were actually working on a software solution for social media creators, but we quickly realized that we would pause our ongoing project and instead develop an E-label solution for winemakers.
It was a matter of the heart for wine lovers like us.

We wanted to develop a solution that was as practical and easy to use as possible, providing good explanations of functions and laws, but also solving Wolfgang's biggest problem:
The error-prone and cumbersome data exchange between winemakers, graphic designers, and printers.

Wolfgang had requested a feature that improves the confusion in collaboration:
"Riesling X, 12.5% alcohol, 5.6g residual sugar, 3.6g acidity, …; … No…; sorry – those were the data from Grüner Veltliner Y – however, the acidity is 4.2%…", who doesn't know this…

After three weeks of intensive research, as well as product and development planning, and another three months in development, WineSign.io was ready.

Our customers from various countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, and Greece are already creating their E-Labels with our software and confirming that we have achieved our goals.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for the professional support and (abundant) wine gifts to:

Lucas and Johanna Pichler, Weingut FX Pichler, Loiben/Austria
Michael Huber, Weingut Markus Huber, Reichersdorf/Austria
Silke Mayr, Weingut Buchegger/Mayr, Dross/Austria
Marlies Hanke, Weingut Müller-Grossmann, Furth/Austria
Wolfgang Kutschera, Agency "An der Donau", Krems/Austria
Federal Cellar Inspection, Austria

Ernst Schönbichler Richard Schmögner

We wish you lots of fun and success with our software!

Ernst and Richard